Medical Grade Supplements vs OTC-is there any difference?

Medical Grade Supplements vs. OTC (over the counter) Supplements


Is there any difference between medical grade supplements and OTC?



How are medical grade supplements and OTC different?

Many over the counter supplements are not regulated by the government. Some supplements have been found to have gluten in them even though it is stated on the label to be gluten free. Supplements were also found to not have the amount listed and others didn’t even have the ingredients that were on the label!


Any supplement is better than no supplement, right?

There are multiple forms of a single vitamin-from cheap and synthetic, to more pricey, natural, and so much better for you. OTC supplements usually use the cheap and synthetic forms.


Another tactic that OTC uses is to state that it is 100% RDA. This simply means that you are getting enough of the supplement to keep you from possibly have a vitamin deficiency disease. The amount needed to be healthy is so much more.


What do I get with medical grade supplements?

Medical grade supplements must abide by the strict standards as pharmaceutical drugs. When Susan suggests a supplement, it is to enhance your health and well-being, after reviewing blood work results and history. Susan’s suggestions are because she sees a need and wants to help you.


Does Susan have medical grade supplements at her office for purchase?

Yes, she carries a variety of supplements in her office and also offers the convenience of shopping from home when purchasing from her website at: https://rejuvenicity.ehealthpro.com/products

Charlene Moore

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