Irritable Male Syndrome


Large mood swings in men 30-60 is a common symptom of andropause, the consequence of hormonal imbalance, and an unpleasant reality both for the man and for those around him.

Irritable Men Syndrome or Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) are terms used to describe these hormone-related male mood swings. IMS is often a result of high cortisol levels and low testosterone levels.

While everybody has Bad Days, Bad Days shouldn’t be every day! Some men respond to these hormonal imbalances by lashing out at others, while others turn their volatile emotions inward, often becoming depressed.

Chronic behaviors and emotional states characteristic of men with IMS include anger, anxiousness, argumentative behavior, defensiveness, demanding behavior, chronic dissatisfaction, frustration, hostility, imaptience, sarcasm, sadness, tension, and being unloving and withdrawn.

Irritable Male Syndrome can have a number of possible hormonal causes, with the most common cause being high levels of the stress hormone cortisol and / or low testosterone. There is a relationship here: high levels of cortisol tend to lower testosterone levels.

But other hormones can affect mood in andropausal men.

For example, high estrogen levels can also cause irritability in men, and other andropause-related changes such as weight gain can increase estrogen levels — weight gain creates fat cells which produce estrogen from testosterone. Higher estrogen levels and lower the testosterone levels are strongly associated with the likelihood of irritability in men.

Medical Treatment For Irritable Male Syndrome 

Andropausal men suffering from Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) often view hormonal problems as Women’s Problems, and find reasons for their mood swings, anger, and anxiety everywhere except within themselves.

It is hard to recognize — from within the mood swing — that something has changed inside your body that is affecting your mind, and that your behaviors are being driven by hormonal factors. The good news: you are not going crazy, and there are solutions that can get you off the roller coaster.

Hormone therapy for andropause mood swings attacks the problem at its root — your hormones — and is one of the most proven medical treatments for Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS).

Male hormone testing is the first step to feeling better, and for many men bioidentical hormone therapy for andropause mood swings — coupled with nutrition and fitness programs — is the solution.

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