MAN SHOT – The biology of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), is designed to rejuvenate the penis using this natural product (from the person’s own body). 

Here’s what is found when using PRP in the penis:

  1. There’s never been an allergic reaction or necrosis(this is coming from your own body, so the body does not react to it as a foreign substance).
  2. Bruising is minimalif at all.
  3. There’s no lumpiness or nodules.
  4. The effects last at least 18 months and could be permanent (as if the skin actually became younger).
  5. There’s actual growth of new tissue by stimulation of unipotent stem cells. So the change in shape is not from something foreign being in the body but from the body actually rejuvenating and growing!
  6. The PRFM stimulates new blood flow with new blood vessels–not from simple dilation of the exiting blood vessels (neovascularization).

By using it on the penis these are the result in all of the following:

  • Immediately larger
  • Strengthen the penis
  • Straighten the penis
  • Increase circulation within the penis for a healthier organ.
  • Make other therapies work better (if you still need Viagra or Cialis, then it will work better for you).
  • Increase sensation and pleasure (helps correct the damage from diabetes).
  • Proven to work in multiple studies
  • Increase size by design (Can place more in base or in the head or wherever makes for best result)
  • No allergic reactions (using your own body’s fluids).
  • No lumpiness
  • Minimal pain (no burning from the PRFM since it’s from your own body)

Susan VanVonderen, NP has studied with, and is certified, by Dr. Charles Runels, MD, inventor of the Vampire Face Lift, Breast Lift, O-Shot and P-Shot.

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