How do I stay healthy and not get sick?

How do I stay healthy and not get sick?


Lately that seems to be the million-dollar question. Ventura County Health Care Agency has a poster on their website that states we should: avoid close contact with others that are sick, use a tissue to cover our mouth when coughing or sneezing, wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, stay home when sick, disinfect surfaces, and avoid touching the face.


What about all of us that are in the work force or around others?


We take precautions but the reality is we can do everything that has been mentioned and still get sick. It just takes one person sneezing or coughing near you.


CDC stated that the people that are most likely to get this particular virus are aged 60 and up and/or people that have suppressed immune systems.


Is there anything else that we can do to improve our chances of NOT getting sick?


There are the usual things like eating well and getting enough rest. A couple of things that I have been using regularly are B-12 injections and Immunitone Plus capsules (this has lots of antioxidants and is sold on our website). A new thing that I have added to my arsenal are Vitamin C injections. We just received our first shipment and I gladly raised my hand to be the first person to try it out. My feeling is that whatever I can do to boost my immune system I will do.


What are you doing to stay healthy?


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Charlene Moore

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