Are Vitamin B12 injections beneficial?

Are Vitamin B12 injections beneficial?


There are lots of interesting articles regarding the pros of getting B12 injections. One such article by Jillian Levy, CHHC states that Vitamin B12 is one of the more common deficiencies. Some reasons for this is due to stomach acid altering medication, vegan/vegetarian diets, and antibiotics. B12 injections help with deficiency symptoms like fatigue, poor concentration, weakness, and mood issues. 

B12 is bound to amino acids found in protein foods and only is released when certain acids and stomach acids are present. It is possible to consume enough B-12 and still remain deficient.

So, what does B12 do?

Some benefits are:  increases energy, enhances mood, helps with fat loss, helps to form red blood cells, boosts immune system, improves memory function along with sleep, and so much more.

At our office we offer B12 injections with combinations to meet your needs.

One thing that can be added is L-Carnitine. A few of the benefits of adding L-Carnitine to your B12 injection is: it is an important building block of protein, it metabolizes fat, produces energy, improves heart and brain functions, suppresses appetite, and a host of other wonderful things.


A second choice to add is MIC (Methionine, Inositol, and Choline. This combination has wonderful benefits such as: less fatigue, promotes sleep, natural energy boost, helps your body use fat more efficiently, fights allergies, and a wealth of other benefits.


A third choice that is often added at our office is Glutathione. This helps the eyes, cataracts, and glaucoma, builds and repairs tissue, supports the immune system, helps alcoholism, liver detox., asthma, cancer, heart disease, memory loss, chronic fatigue, and so much more. 


How often does one need to get the injections to notice the benefits?

The patients in our office come in on a weekly basis and express how much better they feel with the weekly injections.


Wonder what all the hype is with B12 injections? Stop by our office, no appointment necessary and find out what our patients are raving about. 


Charlene Moore

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