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Regenerative Medicine: PRP and Amnion-Derived Stem Cell Therapy 

You now have the power to not only halt the impact of aging on your appearance but effectively turn back the clock. Regenerative Medicine is at the forefront of anti-aging therapy. We are pleased to offer PRP and Amnion-Derived Stem Cell Fluid Therapies as stand-alone treatments or in conjunction with other procedures.

Regenerative Medicine is the most exciting and newest area of human health and aesthetic treatments. Breakthroughs in medical technology have given us the ability to harnesses the restorative and healing powers within the human body.

Regenerative medicine therapies such as PRP and amnion-derived Stem Cell fluid therapies are exploding in popularity, showing incredible capabilities for treating chronic and life-threatening illnesses and restoring age-damaged tissues. For soft-tissue repair treatments like skin rejuvenation and anti-aging therapies, regenerative medicine is cutting-edge.

Amnion-derived fluid therapy is a mouthful of a phrase, but the treatment itself is simple, elegant and effective for anti-aging and restorative therapies. Our Vampire Amnion is a premium quality placental derived fluid and was researched and studied by one of the industry leaders in regenerative medicine, Dr. Charles Runels of the Cellular Medicine Association.

Vampire Amnion and PRP treatments are ideal for use in facial and hair rejuvenation approaches. In addition, they can be used to rejuvenate the tissues of the vagina and the penis. 

Benefits and Applications for Amnion Stem Cell Therapies: 

-         Vampire Facial 

-         Vaginal Rejuvenation

-         Erectile Dysfunction

-         Hair Restoration

-         Wrinkle Reduction 

-         Skin Rejuvenation 

-         Skin Tightening

-         Skin Brightening

The Vampire Facial combines micro-needling, also known as collagen induction therapy, to create small channels in the skin to trigger your body’s healing response. Paired with PRP and Vampire Amnion application, the results are even more enhanced for profound, long-term rejuvenation.

With regenerative medicine, treatments such as PRP and Amnion-Derived Stem Cell Fluid Therapy provide safe, effective and convenient soft-tissue regeneration and anti-aging benefits. 

Patients who wish to know more about the incredible rejuvenating capabilities of regenerative medicine, please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation. 

During your personalized consultation, you will be able to discuss your aesthetic concerns and goals and Susan will recommend the best course of treatment that is appropriate to your unique circumstances.


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